Our Story

It all started back in 2019 when two Rungta College of Engineering graduates, Rajendra Kumar Mandavi and Gunjan Korram decided they wanted to make Easier to Start a Business With Just a Tap! With their idea of Provide Instant Digital Solutions For Small Business & Startups With No More Digital Issues Tagline. In August 2019 WebMi Begin Building the Foundation of  WebMi Digital Solutions LLP and Started To Deliver the Services To Various Clients through WebMi.in.

I am Realizing the Today’s Environment on Business is Continuously worst for Small Business Because of Invest, Lack of Knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Correct Marketing Approach, Business management Skills, Sales Growth Methods, Where To Sell Your Products, Future Business Challenges and Many More Things then I am Decided To Make one Platform For All Business Solutions Which Cover all the Aspects of Business Like Business Registrations & Business Management, Web Development, Digital Marketing Services, Graphics Designing Services.

Our Vision

Make Research Based Instant Digital Solutions For Entrepreneurs

Our Mission

We Want to Create One Tap Solution Platform For All Types Entrepreneurs Where they Will Start, Grow, Manage Business