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Different Forms Of Print Ads

Inspire Consumers To Purchase Products

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Characteristics Of A Great Print Ads

Draws attention

Holds interest

Is easy to remember

Has a clear, simple message

Is easy to remember

Openly announces what it’s for

Relates to the brand

Is easy to remember

Gets results


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We have summed up the most frequently asked queries below in the simplest language and format for your convenience. In the following questions and answers

A Print Ad is an ad that appears in a Yellow Pages directory under a specific heading and in a particular market, or in an alphabetical pages directory. Print Ads can take many forms, ranging from a plain entry to a Double Full Page ad with illustration. 

Since the newspaper publishers themselves place their most important editorial content above the fold, many advertisers spend top dollar to get their ads placed here, instead of toward the bottom, right-hand side (as is generally preferred by marketers advertising in magazines).

  • Header. The header, also known as the title, attracts attention to the ad and lets the reader know what he will find out in the copy.
  • Image.
  • Body.
  • Call to Action.
  • Contact Information.

Changes include: colors, fonts, layout, size, mix and match elements from different samples…

  • Emotional Appeal. …
  • Promotional Advertising. …
  • Bandwagon Advertising. …
  • Facts and Statistics. …
  • Unfinished Ads. …
  • Weasel Words. …
  • Endorsements. …
  • Complementing the Customers.

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